OLDEST INSTITUTE IN WEST DELHI VIDYA NIKETAN Registered Under Delhi Government. IX,X,XI,XII CBSE/NIOS (REGULAR CLASSES) Registration Started 9th Fail allowed in 10th (CBSE/NIOS) 11th Fail allowed in 12th (CBSE/NIOS) B.A , B.COM, M.A, FRENCH, Cbse Open, Open School in Delhi

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When Young Rohan Joined Our Class X Batch We Were a Little Amused To Learn His GrandFather Had Also Been Our Student

Open School in Delhi

Vidya Niketan, Cbse Open School


Vidya Niketan was established in 1960 in open school in delhi. The College began its career with Matriculation Class. By the consistent efforts and the single minded devotion of the members of the staff, the college has taken long strides. The main aim of this College is to secure admission for those students who drop out from schools due any reason. The Most remarkable feature of the school is its best results. Students pursue their studies under the parental care & expert guidance of the teaching staff. Our institution is an institution with a difference It is a matter or great privilege and pride for us to claim that disciplined atmosphere is another feature in our cap. We are fully conscious of the fact that a sense of discipline is the need of the hour. Open School, CBSE Open School Delhi, Cbse private, Cbse patrachar west delhi

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Those students Male/Female who have passed / failed either in Class IX or passed in class VIII (with one year gap) from a Govt. / Govt. Aided / recognized / CBSE board school or failed in class X are eligible for class X admission.


The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) formerly known as National Open School (NOS) was established in November,1989 as an autonomous organisation in pursuance of National Policy on Education 1986 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India


We provide direct admission in 10th Class through CBSE Patrachar for those students for who got failed in Class 9th or due to any reason they couldn’t complete their study.


Patrachar is an open school of learning which provides direct admission in class 12th CBSE patrachar.


Education council is offering 10th CBSE private facility for the students who are unable to attend the regular classes.


Patrachar provides the classes for 12th CBSE private. Patrachar vidhalaya provides the education to the students who are willing to complete their studies but due to certain circumstances they are unable to do so.


10th CBSE correspondence new is available through the patrachar vidhalaya. Students who failed in class 9th also can apply for the class 10th without wasting their one year.


Central board of secondary education (CBSE) provides an excellent chance to the students of class 12th CBSE Correspondence.

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Motive of Vidya Niketan

Education for all and unread access-

  • It has opened new centers of education for students who have failed / dropout or their studies.

Registration for the following categories is open here-

  • Unsuccessful / dropout male and female students
  • Students who differ in their studies.
  • Students have either gone or failed from the CBSE board or any recognized board of the school.
  • Whoever resides in Delhi.
  • The troops stationed in the remote areas.

Providing Opportunity for Left outs:

Vidya Niketan provides opportunities for students who left their studies for some reason, who failed in the 10th or 11th, or the students who do not have proper guidance and assistance so that they can complete their study year without wasting Able to Correspondence especially helps girls and economically weaker sections complete their studies at a very low cost. Students can complete their studies without going to school through CBSE correspondence school or CBSE Pvt. / Correspondence. Through correspondence students can receive the same CBSE certificate which is provided by the General Schools of CBSE.


Save Your Precious Years

Even without going to school regularly, they can complete their studies through CBSE Patrachar or CBSE Private. They get the same CBSE certificate which is given by regular schools of CBSE board. Regarding the rules of the CBSE board / correspondence school rules, eligibility criteria, filling the admission form, depositing the assignment, submitting the examination form, regular classes or weekend classes, subject changing process and other important dates / alerts etc. You can get information about. People are busy and do not remember important dates and are not able to work on time so that they sometimes lose their precious time / year.


Stop Wasting Money

In the money-making schools, CBSE certificates, study materials and other facilities with the same accreditation of the CBSE board are available on one sixth of the cost. The way street education has been established to bring revolution in the way education is given. It is an attempt to change the mindset of parents because they want to send their children to many schools by sending lots of money, even if it is out of reach for them and after that they spend more money on tuition (without Child of any improvement). I spend the amount twice for a single purpose

We know that in one of the big schools, teacher and student one-to-one conversation is not possible (as the number of students in regular CBSE affiliate schools is very large). Therefore, Vidya Niketan is always there to help the students and to really improve their knowledge and to begin the Holistic Personality School.

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Admission in CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya Ramesh Nagar Delhi 2024-2025 – Patrachar Vidyalaya, CBSE Patrachar, CBSE Private, CBSE Open, CBSE Correspondence Admission Class 10th, 12th In Delhi

Vidya Niketan is an Patrachar school for students looking to finish their schooling in Patrachar method from the CBSE Board. We invite All School fail and dropout students seeking assistance to complete their schooling through other means of regular schools. Patrachar Vidyalaya Ramesh Nagar Delhi, CBSE Patrachar, CBSE Private, CBSE Open, CBSE Correspondence Class 10th, 12th grade in Delhi is another alternative for students. They all once again enter school environment and be able to pass class 10th or class 12th of the CBSE Board. Vidya Niketan will be welcoming students not only for Direct 10th and 12th Admission, but also for the best coaching courses in Delhi.

If you are looking for all the details for CBSE Patrachar, Patrachar Vidyalaya, Patrachar Vidyalaya Ramesh Nagar Delhi Date for application form the last day, you have found the correct place to make your dreams come true. Vidya Niketan Ramesh Nagar Delhi is the Best Most renowned, longest-running and oldest training institute in Delhi. The result is that students have everything they need in one place.

Unveiling the Best CBSE Open School: A Pathway to Success

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping our future, and finding the right school for your child is a crucial decision. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best CBSE open school that caters to your child’s unique needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of CBSE open schools, highlighting the top institutions, their advantages, and why they are the preferred choice for many students.

What is CBSE Open School?

CBSE Open School is an innovative educational approach that offers flexible learning opportunities for students who require an alternative to traditional schooling. It provides a platform for students to pursue their education at their own pace, enabling them to balance their academic journey with other commitments. This open schooling system is governed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which ensures a high standard of education and a recognized certification upon completion.

Advantages of CBSE Open Schooling

  1. Flexibility: CBSE open schools provide flexibility in terms of learning hours and study materials. Students have the freedom to design their study schedules according to their preferences and personal circumstances. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for students who are juggling part-time jobs, pursuing extracurricular activities, or dealing with health issues.
  2. Individualized Learning: In CBSE open schools, the focus is on personalized learning. Students receive individual attention from teachers, enabling them to grasp concepts more effectively. With a lower student-to-teacher ratio, educators can cater to the unique learning styles and strengths of each student, fostering a conducive learning environment.
  3. Self-paced Education: One of the key advantages of CBSE open schooling is that students can progress at their own pace. This means they can take more time to understand complex topics and breeze through subjects they excel in. By allowing students to set their own learning speed, CBSE open schools ensure a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum.
  4. Academic Support: CBSE open schools provide extensive academic support to students. Highly qualified teachers are readily available to clarify doubts and provide guidance whenever required. Additionally, these schools offer remedial classes, counseling sessions, and interactive online resources to enhance the learning experience and boost academic performance.

The Top CBSE Open Schools: Setting the Standard

  1. CBSE Private: CBSE Private is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. With a team of experienced educators and state-of-the-art facilities, CBSE Private offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for a successful future.
  2. CBSE Open: CBSE Open is a trailblazer in the field of open schooling. It focuses on empowering students through flexible learning methodologies and individualized attention. CBSE Open ensures that students receive a well-rounded education while nurturing their unique talents.
  3. CBSE Open School: As one of the oldest CBSE open schools, CBSE Open School has a rich legacy of providing quality education. With a student-centric approach and a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities, CBSE Open School creates an environment conducive to growth and development.

Exploring the Benefits of NIOS Education

Apart from CBSE open schools, the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) offers an excellent alternative for students seeking a flexible and inclusive learning experience. NIOS provides a comprehensive curriculum, recognized by the Government of India, and focuses on enhancing students’ knowledge, skills, and employability. Let’s delve into the advantages of NIOS education:

  1. Inclusive Education: NIOS education promotes inclusivity by catering to the educational needs of differently-abled students, those residing in remote areas, and individuals who have dropped out of traditional schooling. It offers a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages lifelong learning.
  2. Vocational Skills Development: NIOS places great emphasis on vocational skills development, preparing students for various career paths. By offering a diverse range of vocational courses, NIOS equips students with practical skills that enhance their employability and entrepreneurial potential.
  3. Flexible Examination System: NIOS provides the flexibility of choosing examination dates and subjects, empowering students to excel at their own pace. This student-centric examination system reduces the stress associated with traditional examinations and promotes a positive learning experience.

Direct Admission and Opportunities for Academic Growth

Are you wondering about the options available for students who have faced setbacks in their academic journey? CBSE open schools and NIOS provide opportunities for students who have failed in Class 9 or 11 to pursue direct admission in Class 10 or 12, respectively. This opens doors for academic growth, allowing students to reclaim their educational aspirations and succeed in their chosen fields.

Choosing the Right Path: CBSE Open or NIOS?

When it comes to selecting between CBSE open schools and NIOS, it’s important to consider your child’s unique requirements and aspirations. Both pathways offer distinct advantages, and the decision should be based on factors such as learning style, future goals, and individual preferences. Consulting with educational experts and understanding the curriculum and support systems of each institution can help you make an informed choice.